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ClickmobTM drives targeted inbound calls using an innovative mobile ad delivery and call routing solution. You control call volume and scheduling, and every campaign gets its own unique phone number at no extra charge. And best of all, inbound calls generated by ClickmobTM ads convert up to 25x better.

Inbound Mobile Call Marketing Generates More and Better Sales

Clickmob’s mobile ad delivery and inbound call routing solution is creating an avalanche of new opportunities for businesses equipped and willing to make the leap from old media and underperforming pay-per-click advertising. Clickmob helps businesses capitalize on the rise of mobile with an advanced ad network that generates precisely targeted inbound calls from customers who are eager to learn more and likely to buy more, more often.

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Introducing Clickmob'sTM Integrated Inbound Call Marketing Solution

  • 9 x 9 DirectDial:

    Targeted, high-intent calls to high-volume businesses across North America on a pay-per-call basis
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  • DirectDial Local:

    Enterprise-grade mobile marketing with tight demographic focus for SMBs targeting local markets
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  • Profile Data Elements:

    Real-time and historical caller profile data pushed directly to your CRM or BI solution
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  • DirectDial Analytics:

    Deep, actionable data on every call, available at any time with predefined or custom reports and graphs
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38% Longer Call Duration

Mobile calls last up to 38% longer than calls generated by SEM, print, Yellow pages or other traditional marketing channels. Marketingland, 2012

ClickmobTM Partners Earn up to 25x More. Clickmob’s innovative mobile ad marketplace connects targeted, motivated consumers with businesses over the phone. With Clickmob, advertisers get the calls they want, and partners earn more from every app and portal, up to 2500% more than with pay-per-click.
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