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Clickmob Ad Marketplace Delivers Outstanding Results for Media Partners. Increase mobile ad revenues, improve ad relevance and user experience, and take complete control of every ad placement by becoming a Clickmob media partner.

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Partner Services:

Clickmob Media Partners Earn up to 25x More on Every Ad

Tap into the explosive growth of in-app and mobile search with Clickmob, an innovative inbound call marketplace connecting targeted, motivated consumers with businesses over the phone. With Clickmob, advertisers get leads that convert, and partners earn revenue with every call generated, up to 2500% more than with pay-per-click.

Enhance User Experience with Targeted Ads and Seamless Delivery

Publishers who partner with Clickmob get access to the highest-yield mobile ad inventory available. Powered by advanced matching algorithms, Clickmob’s delivery system integrates easily with your app or portal, quickly and seamlessly serving mobile ads designed to the highest standard. Every ad is precisely targeted to one of hundreds of industries, and you’re always in control of the ads your users see.

Track Real-Time Results Online or Offline

Clickmob’s cloud-based, multi-node data warehousing solution delivers results in real-time for better cash flow analysis. Clickmob also offers a wealth of reporting and charting options that give you deep insight into historical performance metrics for data-driven ad selection and placement decisions. Data is easy to access using Clickmob’s intuitive Web interface, and our performance report can be integrated with existing CRM and other business intelligence systems.

Clickmob Partner Advantages

Clickmob media partners benefit from a system design and toolkit created to maximize ad placement revenue and analysis:

• High-yield ad inventory and precise industry targeting boost relevance and revenues
• Self-selected ads and placement give you control over user experience and ad performance
• Real-time and historical results by campaign, location, and more highlight profit centers and opportunities
• Integrate with your existing CRM, ERP, and BI systems to analyze performance data your way
• DirectDial numbers for every campaign make segmenting and tracking results simple
• Multi-node server technology keeps response times low and user satisfaction high
• At-a-glance charts and graphs provide instant insight into ad performance data
• Advanced data warehousing architecture guards against data loss

Boost In-App and Portal Ad Revenue with Clickmob

When it comes to mobile advertising revenues, calls beat clicks. Earn up to 25x more from every ad placement with Clickmob’s innovative inbound call marketing solution. To learn more, contact us today.