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Calls that Convert. Drive qualified, motivated callers into your sales pipeline and get maximum return from your mobile marketing budget with 9x9 DirectDial’s auction-style pay-per-call marketplace.

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9 x 9 DirectDial:

9 x 9 DirectDial Is Mobile Marketing Worth Talking About

Why settle for clicks when you could be taking calls? 9×9 DirectDial is an innovative mobile ad marketplace connecting targeted, motivated consumers with businesses over the phone. 9×9 DirectDial gets you in front of customers who want to know more about you and your products.  But instead of clicking around a tiny mobile display for more information, they call. And that means up to 2500% better ROI than buying clicks.

How 9 x 9 DirectDial Works

9×9 DirectDial’s call collection, analysis, and routing technology is complex, but the process is easy to understand:

1. Potential buyers see an ad about your products and services and call.
2. 9×9 DirectDial captures geographic, demographic, and biographic data almost instantly.
3. Calls are analyzed, filtered, and matched to criteria that you select.
4. Calls are transferred directly to you, along with buyer intelligence data.
5. Your sales team takes it from there, turning high-interest calls into high-ROI sales.

9 x 9 DirectDial Features

9×9 DirectDial is packed with features to help you maximize your mobile advertising ROI:

• Customizable call volume and scheduling put you in control of your campaigns and budget
• Exceptional reach, from major outlets to premium publishers, provides wide exposure and niche performance
• Unique, trackable phone numbers for every campaign improve marketing management and conversion analysis
• Customizable operating days and hours, geographic focus, and more improve marketing responsiveness and results
• Hundreds of available industry targets, including real estate, finance, insurance, automotive, and retail, mean relevant and profitable inbound calls
• Campaign budget control via Clickmob’s auction-style pay-per-call approach
• Real-time and historical results by campaign, call center, and more bring profit centers and opportunities into sharp focus
• Advanced filtering and matching algorithms ensure high-quality inbound calls

Get Calls, not Clicks, with 9 x 9 DirectDial

Every inbound call from a targeted, motivated customer can be worth up to 25 clicks generated by traditional PPC advertising. Start taking those calls, and making more sales, with 9×9 DirectDial. To learn more and begin boosting your bottom line with mobile marketing worth talking about, contact us today.