DirectDial Local

Enterprise-Grade Mobile Marketing for SMBs. Get on the phone with local buyers and level the playing field with larger competitors using DirectDial Local's targeted, geographically focused mobile marketing and call routing solution.

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DirectDial Local:

DirectDial Local Drives Area Customers to Your Door

DirectDial Local delivers big business mobile marketing muscle to small and mid-sized enterprises with an innovative inbound call marketplace that connects targeted, motivated consumers with businesses over the phone. Our mobile advertising distribution network comprises hundreds of industry segments across a wide variety of delivery vehicles – apps, websites, videos, and more. Whatever your customers do online, you’ll reach them, and DirectDial Local makes it easy for them to call you and complete their purchases.

Get Superior Reach and Results without Large Media Buys

With DirectDial Local, your mobile ads get the kind of exposure usually reserved for national and multinational competitors. Even better, you pay only for calls received, and all of those calls will be from targeted, motivated callers in your area. Your risk is low, and since over 90% of callers have researched your products before picking up the phone, DirectDial Local may become the single most profitable form of advertising you employ.

DirectDial Local Features

Ideal for realtors, small retailers, attorneys, insurance agents, and other geographically focused businesses, DirectDial Local offers an array of features tailored to the needs of SMBs:

• Easy-to use call volume and scheduling controls let you adjust marketing campaigns on the fly
• Wide advertising exposure with strict geographic, demographic, and biographic focus helps extend your reach into your target market
• Unique, trackable phone numbers can be assigned to specific salespeople, neighborhoods, products, and more
• Auction-style pay-per-call approach controls costs
• Hundreds of available industry targets, including real estate, finance, insurance, automotive, and retail, mean consistently relevant and profitable inbound calls
• Advanced filtering and matching algorithms ensure high-quality inbound calls

Capture More of Your Area Market with DirectDial Local

DirectDial Local is enterprise-grade marketing made small business friendly. To learn more about DirectDial Local for SMBs and begin taking more calls from qualified motivated local customers, contact us today.