DirectDial Analytics

Dive deep into customer behavior, preferences, and history with DirectDial Data and Analytics, Clickmob’s real-time, multi-source data mining and delivery solution.

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DirectDial Analytics:

DirectDial Data and Analytics Is Your Window on Your Market

Get to know the audience for your products and services with full transparency and granular detail, all delivered in real-time by DirectDial Data and Analytics. Deep, relevant, and actionable, market intelligence delivered by DirectDial Data and Analytics is simple to integrate with existing CRM and KPI systems and easy to grasp, thanks to a wide variety of available charts and graphs. The cornerstone of a data-driven marketing and sales strategy, DirectDial Data and Analytics improves conversion and profits, while reducing costs and lost opportunities.

Dig into Your Market Intelligence with an Array of Reporting Options

Get at-a-glance insight into market trends, hotspots, and hidden opportunities with DirectDial Data and Analytics’ predefined and custom reports. Reports are accessible from our intuitive Web interface, directly from within your CRM or other BI application, and in custom applications using the DirectDial Data and Analytics API. And since all data is warehoused securely in the cloud on redundant storage systems, it’s available for analysis at any time, even if your backups fail.

DirectDial Data and Analytics Features

DirectDial Data and Analytics gives you deep insight into your market with features like these:

• Advanced data warehousing architecture guards against data loss
• Multi-source data collection improves accuracy and relevance
• Cloud-based data delivery system adapts easily to organizational and infrastructure changes
• Data segmentation by dial location, calling device, time of day, and more improves analysis and opportunity visibility
• Easy Integration with many CRM, ERP, and BI systems reduces implementation and training costs
• At-a-glance charts and graphs provide instant insight into complex market intelligence
• Implementing contact-nurturing tools with your data improves consistency of customer interactions and generate up to 9% larger repeat orders

Understand Your Market and Opportunities with DirectDial Data and Analytics

Get into the mind of your market. Identify and act on hidden opportunities before your competitors do. Dig deep with DirectDial Data and Analytics. To learn more, contact Clickmob today.